Monday, 10 February 2014

VMware ThinApp 5 Build modifications for AppSense Personalization

If you follow @AppSense on twitter, read the blog, etc you would have seen that AppSense now supports VMware ThinApp 5.

AppSense has always supported personalizing ThinApp applications but up until now this mean roaming the ThinApp sandbox instead of just the application settings like they do for native and App-V applications. The latest changes allow AppSense to manage ThinApp applications in exactly the same way as native applications.

That said, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

By default ThinApp will use the projects name as the executable name instead of the processes usual name, as seen below:

This means that out of the box Administrators will need to define a second user application for each managed application that is to roam backwards and forward between ThinApp and Native, ThinApp and App-V, etc. There is however a very simple modification that can be made to the Package.ini file just before building the ThinApp application. Adding the following line to the build options will change this default behaviour:


Launching the application following this build will show the original executables name within process explorer:

The end result is that without modifying anything on the backend Personalization Server configuration I can now roam backwards and forwards between native and virtual applications.