Thursday, 27 February 2014

Changing the Management Console User Postponement Values

This post is going to describe a mechanism to extend the default user postponement options within the Management Center console.

AppSense introduced a feature within the Management Center console to allow end users the ability to postpone a reboot following the installation of an AppSense DesktopNow agent. By default Administrators can provide their users with the ability to postpone the reboot by anything from 0 to 8 hours. This allowed a large number of customers who previously couldn't use the Management Center because it would simply reboot the machine as soon as it was ready to. This had the ability to lose data if the user was in the process of working on a document, etc.

To see the steps required to configure this continue reading.

The first step is to make sure the console is not open on the server or workstation you are editing the file on. Then locate the ManagementConsole.exe.config file. This is located in C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Console by default. Open this file using Notepad or any other text editor of choice.

Locate the ManagementConsole.Properties.Settings section within the configuration file and edit the DefaultPostpongementPeriods entries to include the additional periods you would like to configure. At the same time edit the DefaultPostponementPeriodsText entries to reflect the new time periods added above and then save the file.

In the example below I have edited the settings to include a 12 hour and a 24 hour option:

Once you've added the values to the file open the Management Server console and verify the settings have been applied:

Word of caution: If you choose to edit the file on an endpoint that has the console installed you will need to make the same change on all admin workstations / servers that have the console installed. In the example below I have installed the Management Console on a workstation without the configuration changes you will end up with the following scenario where the setting will be defined but will not be presented as an option within the console. 

A second word of caution: When you choose to upgrade the server and console the ManagementConsole.exe.config file will be overwritten with a new file and these entries will need to be recreated. The dbo.GroupInstallationSchedule table will still reflect the correct value within the database so you aren't at risk of suddenly having devices reboot but from a consistency perspective you should add a step to verify this configuration change is repeated after each upgrade.

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