Friday, 16 November 2012

Persinfo... A tool that no AppSense Techie should leave home without

Some of the best tools I've ever seen have been developed by people who work in support teams and this tool is no different. My friend, Shaun Jones, who works for AppSense has created something really special in Persinfo.

To try and summarise the value of the tool in words would be impossible so I'll share a few headline features and would highly recommend you head off to the AppSense Exchange to download a copy of this.

The first thing the tool allows you to identify very quickly are a very details about the users current session. As you can see below the tools gives a very simple yet extremely detailed overview on the session.

Information like:

Last Active Link
Personalization Group
Personalization Group Settings
Network transfer rates
Client version

Before this tool gathering all of this information would mean connecting to the endpoint, enabling and analyzing the logs, looking in the control panel, monitoring the network and then checking the user account against the personalization groups to work out which group the user falls into.

Still not convinced about the tools value? 

The next feature Shaun has included is the Manage Applications window which as you can see by looking at the image below provides a simple GUI to see what is managed, the current status, whether the cache is available locally and in turn offline as well as the option to perform server operations like creating an archive, deleting data on the server and rollbacks. 

If you're still not convinced maybe the next feature will do it for you. How many executives send their laptop in to have a VPN client installed or configured before a trip overseas? I imagine quite a few do... with persinfo you could ask that executive to logon before he leaves the office, right click the system tray icon and simply click pre-cache all applications. When this executive then gets to the Australian office all his/her personalization data is local and ready to go. You look good and the executive is happy. 

Next is the really simple history log which tells basic information like whether a synchronisation was successful or not, the transfer rates, active servers, etc.

As i've already mentioned, if there is one tool an AppSense Techie SHOULD have in his or her toolbox its this. If I've not convinced you yet head over to the AppSense Exchange, download it and give it a go. I am confident you wont be disappointed. 

Massive credit to Shaun Jones for this amazing tool. Keep up the good work mate.