Wednesday, 21 November 2012

EMP_P2V Tool... Eliminate the need to ever hive to a fileshare again

Here is another tool created by Nikolas Jung and Oli Oehlenberg of the Central Europe AppSense Professional Services team. The tool is called EMP_P2V and its main purpose in life is to allow users to import and export the registry keys and folders which you would historically have reverted to Environment Manager Policy to manage (e.g. Certificates, Libraries, etc.)

The tool is available on the AppSense Exchange under the reference AEL00077 - EMP_P2V (APS Tool)

The tool ships in the form of an executable which you will need to deploy to your endpoints. Once it is on the endpoint you'll make a few copies for the tool for each item you want to personalize (e.g. APS-Certificates.exe, APS-Printers.exe, etc)

Once you've deployed the tool you simply create user applications within Personalization Server and define items you want to include within the folder and registry exclusions area as seen in the screenshot below:

Now you need to configure an Environment Manager Policy to run the various executables. I typically create these as re-usable nodes because you can then simply reference these on any of the Environment Manager triggers, as seen in the configuration snippets below:



The switches available on the EMP_P2V application are:

-I which imports folders and registry keys and deletes the old folders on the filesystem
-ID which imports folders and registry keys and leaves the old folders in place on the filesystem
-E which exports folders and registry keys

This is a brilliant tool to keep in your back pocket and really gives you an opportunity to move everything away from the filesystem so