Thursday, 29 November 2012

AppSense Personalization Server Global Inclusions and Exclusions

NOTE: This post has been superseded by the following post as this configuration will prevent configuration assistant from gathering sufficient information: 

AppSense Personalization Server Default Inclusions and Exclusions are, in my opinion, far to open. I understand why AppSense have left these the way they are but I think the hassle they cause 12 to 18 months down the line makes the approach I use worthwhile.

Before I get into the approach I take I will state that it takes a lot more work up front to configure applications using my approach than sticking with the AppSense defaults however in the long run it will save you the hassle of going back to remove a file or registry key for every user which has been captured without knowing.

So to summarise my approach, I have nothing specified at all in Global Folder and Registry Inclusions.

This means that when I create a new Personalized application nothing will be captured unless I specifically add something to the application or application groups include list.

I then edit the global exclusion lists as well to look something like the lists below:



Then as I said above I configure the inclusions and exclusions for each individual application as seen below for Internet Explorer.



The reason for me using this approach instead of the default approach is because I've had a number of instances where I've implemented the default configuration and then 12 months later gone back to perform a health check and found random folders or registry stored within the application which aren't required. Typically every single user has these folders or registry keys. At this point the customer either has the painful process of going into every single user and removing these or logging a support call to get a script to perform the same.

Typically during the project phases its easier to spend an extra hour or so analysing an application working out exactly what is required but this is an hour very well spent. Use the suggestion or don't... it's up to you.